Are you here to donate for the 4th Annual IBMA Board Band Fundraiser? Did you know you can watch the entire show as a livestream on the Station Inn website for a modest $5 fee? After making your donation, just follow this link:

Why give?

When you give to the IBMA, the Bluegrass Trust Fund, and the IBMA Foundation, you make the bluegrass world stronger with your support.

The IBMA empowers bluegrass worldwide through advocacy, professional development, and renowned programs. Just look at what IBMA has had a hand in creating:

  • World of Bluegrass,
  • the International Bluegrass Museum,
  • the Bluegrass Hall of Fame,
  • the IBMA Awards,
  • the Bluegrass Album GRAMMY,
  • the Billboard Bluegrass Chart,
  • and Leadership Bluegrass,
  • and of course, the Bluegrass Trust Fund
  • and the Foundation for Bluegrass Music (now the IBMA Foundation).

The Bluegrass Trust Fund is the safety net for our bluegrass community, giving direct aid to bluegrass professionals when they’re faced with emergency need. Through the generosity of bluegrass people, the Trust Fund has given over $800,000 in direct aid.

The IBMA Foundation ensures the future of bluegrass, getting instruments in the hands of kids – plus more. The Foundation promotes bluegrass education through school programs, grants, and teaching materials for all ages.

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