Advertising Opportunities with the IBMA

IBMA World of Bluegrass

Over 1500 conference-goers use our Conference Book as an indispensable guide during the event. It then becomes a go-to directory year-round. We deliver a high level of impressions per reader for your brand. Let us help you target your business-to-business peers.

Year-Round Opportunities

The IBMA’s monthly newsletter reaches 30,000 organic readers. Due to our motivated readership, we enjoy a click rate more than double the average rate for our sectors (nonprofit/entertainment). We can connect your brand to our subscribers.

The IBMA’s social media reach could mean huge impact for your brand. Posts and stories deliver immediate engagement to our audience of bluegrass musicians, industry members, and fans. Let us help make that connection.

Pricing - Conference Program Ads


Full page ad (full bleed to spiral binding)

Safe area: 3.875 x 8.5 in
With Bleed: 4.125 x 8.75 in
With Margin: 3.625 x 8 in

Please do NOT include print/crop marks.


Trim size: 3.875 x 4.125
With Bleed: 4.125 x 4.375 in
With margin: 3.625 in x 3.875 in

Please do NOT include print/crop marks.

For example, a full page ad lists as $500/600. $500 is the member rate, $600 is the nonmember rate.

FORMATS ACCEPTED: Hi-res PDF or TIFF. Black and white or greyscale only.

Please contact Pat Morris or Anna Kline for ad inquiries and payment details.

Pricing - Newsletter Ads

$500 Members
$600 Nonmembers


  • 600 px wide by 300 px high (or less)


  • Content and payment due by the 1st of the month.


To advertise with IBMA, contact Anna Kline, Business Development Director.

Email Anna Kline

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