2020 Ballot Schedule

First Ballot – April 14
Second Ballot – June 2
Final Ballot – July 14

Note: The IBMA uses a third party for the balloting process to ensure fairness in awards voting. This balloting firm has to have membership information well in advance of each ballot. Therefore, we have set cut-off dates for memberships prior to ballots going out. You must be an IBMA Professional member by March 26, 2020 to vote on the first ballot, May 21, 2020 to vote on the second ballot, and June 26, 2020 to vote on the final ballot.


In the first round, each current Professional Member of the IBMA may nominate as many as five entries per category and subcategory on the ballot. The second round ballot contains the twenty highest-voted candidates from the first ballot in each category.


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The IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards are given in several categories. Each category has its own criteria and its own guidelines clarifying who the recipients are.

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Selection Process

The IBMA Board of Directors has developed and announced changes to the awards and the selection process for each. Please review carefully the IBMA Awards Handbook, available on the Selection Process page.

Understanding the Selection Process helps our voting members throughout the balloting process.

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2019 Award Winners

Click below to view the official IBMA press releases listing the 2019 IBMA Bluegrass Music Award winners, Industry Awards winners, and Momentum Awards winners.

2019 Awards Winners

For Your Consideration List

Formerly known as the Reference List, this list of artists, albums, and singles is offered as a courtesy to our voting members as they fill out the First Round Ballot. This list consists solely of public submissions and is not contributed to or edited by the IBMA.

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