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IBMA is a hub for Bluegrass fans to connect with great Bluegrass shows from programmers who are partnering with us to get their shows out to the broader community. IBMA would like to thank them for helping our artists grow their fan base, gain recognition in the greater community through charting, and bring awareness to their concerts when touring.

Fans - Looking For Great Bluegrass Music on The Radio or to Stream?


Click the link below for a downloadable excel sheet with links of great terrestrial and internet Bluegrass shows you can explore and tune in to on a regular basis! Information includes our participating programmers, their program names, station call letters & frequency, the day and time the shows air, and how you can tune in.

Bluegrass Radio DJs and Programs

Artists and Record Labels - Connect with the Programmers!


IBMA has partnered with programmers who play bluegrass music from around the world to provide artists with information about how to send music to them for consideration for airplay!

IBMA members will get EXCLUSIVE access to a downloadable full Excel spreadsheet with complete program information directly from our participating radio programmers including:

  • DJ Preferred Contact Information.
  • Preferred Mailing Address.
  • Preferred Delivery Method (Physical/Download).
  • Program Day, Time, Station, Genre, and Syndication.
  • Charts That DJs Report To.

Join now to get access to this information, and get your music heard!

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Programmers - We'd Love For You to Join Us!



Let fans know how to tune into your shows, while also connecting with Artists & Labels!


If you would like to be a part of this exciting program, contact us at [email protected] and we will send you your own private link to fill in your program information to be added to our lists! You do not need to be an IBMA member to participate, but there are many benefits to being a part of our membership community.

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