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IBMA members are in the driver’s seat when it comes to keeping your membership information up to date. With our member portal feature, you are able to keep track of your membership status, update your contact information, renew, set up auto-renewal, and our professional members will be able to access our member directory.

This member portal is a feature of our new database. Since there are always bumps when organizations bring new databases online, this will be a work in progress. Please bear with us while we get it running smoothly. We believe the FAQ below will help.

The IBMA’s Member Portal puts you in the driver’s seat.

Member Portal FAQ

1. Why make this change?
There have been substantial improvements in databases in recent years, and IBMA has been overdue for a membership database upgrade. Many of our fellow music associations have already made this upgrade. This new database puts our members in the driver’s seat.

2. How do I find my member account on the new Member Portal?

If you have been an IBMA member anytime in the last five years, you already have an account on the Member Portal. Do not fill out any “Create an Account” forms. Instead, you need to set up your username and password using the directions in step 3.

3. How do I log in? Where do I log in? Where do I get my login info?

All current and recent will receive a link and directions in an email from IBMA to set up your username and password. Or follow this link. At the bottom of the popup window, enter the email address associated with your membership, and follow the directions from there.

Once you have your username and password set up, you can use the “Log In” button (found on every page of the IBMA site) to access your Member Portal.

3. How do I update my name, my address, my email address, my website URL, etc.?

Log in with your username and password. On your dashboard, click the dropdown menu “What Would You Like to Do?” and follow the directions.

For example, if you wish to update your email address, go online to your Member Portal, use the “What Would You Like to Do?” dropdown menu and select “Update My Profile” to change your email address. Future emails will go to your new address.

4. Will I need my member ID number?

Using our new system, our members no longer need a member ID number. You will be able to choose your own username and password. This new login process replaces the need for a member ID number.

5. I lost my password. Can IBMA re-send my password?

IBMA does not have access to your password. Use the “Forgot your password?” link to generate a new password.

6. What else can I do with my new Member Portal? 

On your Member Portal you will be able to renew your membership. You can choose to set up Auto-Renew, and not have to worry about keeping your membership up to date. Professional members will have access to download a Member Directory spreadsheet. (This is a listing of all members who have agreed to share their contact information.) And you can donate to the IBMA, the IBMA Foundation and the Bluegrass Trust Fund. Now, all these functions related to your IBMA membership are gathered in one spot, with you in control. In the future, look for additional resources like member web banners and social media cards.

7. Can I get help getting my Member Portal up and running?

Most of the process of setting up your portal is very straightforward. We have created a guide to walk our members through the areas that involve new features or terminology.

Go to Guide

8. I renewed, but it’s not showing up on my Member Portal. Why?
Our new database is very literal, and it interprets your “Current” membership as the one you’ve already paid for, and the renewal membership as your next one. In other words, your renewals are interpreted as a series. If you renew before your current membership expires, your Member Portal will continue to show you the date your current membership ends. Here’s an example: if your membership expires June 30, 2018 and you renew before that day, your Member Portal will continue to show your end date as June 30, 2018 until July 1, 2018. From that point, it will show your end date as June 30, 2019.

Want confirmation that you have renewed your membership before your current term expires? Look for the automated confirmation email you received after renewing your membership.

9. What’s the difference between an existing account and an active account?
If you see the prompt, “Log in with an existing account”, that is referring to any member account you may have had with IBMA, past or present. (As a past member, you are most likely still in the IBMA database.) By contrast, an active account is one where you are a current member in good standing.

10. What’s Neon?

Neon CRM is the membership database platform we rolled out in the spring of 2018. It works behind the scenes. It’s the program that lets us offer you your own private Member Portal. It has been used with great success by other music associations to help manage membership data AND let members control their own member info.

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