Leadership Bluegrass, the IBMA’s professional development program, now has over 500 alumni. It has been welcoming new classes since 2000.

The Leadership Bluegrass Planning Committee
Dustin Boyd, chair (2016); Casey Campbell (2012); Stacy Chandler (2018); Jordan Laney (2021); Ronald Raxter (2015); Annie Savage (2016); Kris Truelsen (2017); and Jeff Westerinen (2015).

The Leadership Bluegrass Alumni Committee
Michele Gourley, co-chair (2019); Lee Stivers, co-chair (2016); Darin Aldridge (2013); Worth Dixon (2020); Laurie Greenberg (2015); Heidi Herzog (2015), Katie Hogue (2019); Reuben Shetler (2015); April Verch (2008); and Lucy Weberling (2008).

All Leadership Bluegrass alumni are invited to join the Leadership Bluegrass Google group. Email the IBMA office to be added to this group.

Leadership Bluegrass Alumni, by year

Amy Alvey, Golden Shoals / Radio Host WMOT
Marcia Campbell, Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers
Hasee Ciaccio, Sister Sadie / Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands
Kristy Cox, Kristy Cox Band
Laura Crawford, Recording Academy
Guido de Groot, Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
Frank Evans, The Slocan Ramblers
Dave Gooding, California Bluegrass Association
Christopher Howard-Williams, Bluegrass in La Roche
Alex Lacquement, Charm City Junction / Baltimore Honky Tonk / Music on the Square
Dylan Locke, Floyd Country Store / Handmade Music School / County Sales
Sarah McCombie, Chatham Rabbits
Austin Scelzo, Rock Hearts/CT Bluegrass Association
Marianne See, Anchorage Folk Festival
Mike Simpson, International Bluegrass Music Association
Kevin Slick, Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Gieselle Tambe-Ebot, Jam Pak Band
Cody Tinnin, Stillhouse Junkies
Brandi Waller-Pace, Decolonizing the Music Room
Tray Wellington, PineCone/Tray Wellington Band
Kalia Yeagle, East Tennessee State University / Bill and the Belles
Sami Braman, The Onlies / Willie Watson Band
Bevin Foley, Trout Steak Revival
Ellie Hakanson, Missy Raines and Allegheny / Kristy Cox and Grasstime

Jake Blount, Tui / The Moose Whisperers
David Brower, PineCone / WUNC
Thomas Cassell, Circus No. 9
Ethan Charles, International Bluegrass Music Association
Jennifer Danielson, Pandora
Worth Dixon, D’Addario & Company, Inc.
Rick Faris, Special Consensus
Rebecca Frazier, Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run
Greg Garrison, Leftover Salmon / University of Colorado – Denver
Dave Howard, Louisville Folk School
Fred Knittel, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Marianne Kovatch, Blue Ridge Music Center
Evie Ladin, Evie Ladin Band
Michelle Lee, WOBL / Bluegrass Borderline / Smoked Country Jam
Ed Leonard, Billy Blue Records
Ned Luberecki, Becky Buller Band / SiriusXM
Didier Philippe, La Roche Bluegrass Festival
Lauren Price Napier, The Price Sisters
Angela Sommers Rees, Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival
Brian Swenk, Big Daddy Love / Midwood Entertainment
Abi Tapia, Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum
Suzy Thompson, Berkeley Old Time Music Convention
Amanda Thompson, Frankfort Bluegrass Festival
Roxanne Tromly, Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum / ROMP Fest
Natalya Zoe Weinstein, Zoe & Cloyd / Warren Wilson College
Benjamin Wright, Henhouse Prowlers / Bluegrass Ambassadors

Anni Beach, Jam Pak Blues ‘N’ Grass Neighborhood Band
David Benedict, Mile Twelve
Andrea Berman, Pacific Pickin’, CiTR (101.9 FM)
Sam Blumenthal
Philip Chorney, Charm City Bluegrass / Baltimore Management Agency
Michelle Conceison, Market Monkeys
Deborah Fillman, Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Sophie Galep, Minnesota Bluegrass
Michele Gourley
Philip Graham, Ear Trumpet Labs
Rick Greene, SamJam Bluegrass Festival
Katie Hogue, John Hartford Enterprises
John Lowell, John Lowell Music
Alex Mallett, Folk Alliance International
Mary Beth Martin, Earl Scruggs Center
Jana Mougin, Dark Shadow Recording
Kali Nowakowski, Straight Up Strings
Forrest O’Connor, The O’Connor Band / Kate Lee & Forrest O’Connor
Thomas Pritchard, Rhode Island Bluegrass Alliance
Gregory Reish, MTSU Center for Popular Music
Kim Robins, Kim Robins and 40 Years Late
Matt Royles, Man About a Horse / Philly Bluegrass
John Strohm, Rounder Records
Maria Wallace, True North Music
Melanie Wilson, Wilson Pickins Promotions

Greg Blake, Greg Blake Music, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado
Stacy Chandler, No Depression
Patricia Ann Eaves, Eastern Tennessee State University
Landon Elmore, Landon Elmore Design & Marketing
Daniel Eubanks, Special Consensus
Mollie Farr, Lost Buffalo Artists
Cathy Fink, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Jessica Grossman, Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association
Patricia Imbrogno, Artist
Maria Ivey, Press House
George Jackson, Artist, Booking Agent
Emma John, The Guardian
Katie Keller, International Bluegrass Music Museum
Adam Kirr, Charm City Bluegrass, The Bluegrass Marketer
Kara Kundert, Bluegrass Pride
Jeffrey Ludin, Bluegrass Country Foundation
Brett Martin, Junior Appalachian Musicians, Inc.
Patrick McGonigle, The Lonely Heartstring Band
Matthew Miller, Rounder Records
Jeff Miller, Flashpoint Arts
Lenny Nichols, Central Texas Bluegrass Association
Scott Napier, Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music
Ivy Sheppard, Born In The Mountain
Bil VornDick, Mountainside Music
Jef Walter, The Carolina PineCones

Erik Alvar, Jim Hurst Trio
Lee Bidgood, East Tennessee State University
Jeff Burke, Wernick Method/Country Music Hall of Fame/Windy City Bluegrass
Adam Engelhardt, SonyATV Music Publishing
Anna Frick, Airshow Mastering
Barb Heller, North Country Public Radio
Justin Hiltner, Artist/Vickie Vaughn Band/Bluegrass Situation
Kathryn Jenkins, Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music
Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Mile Twelve
Irene Kelley, Artist/Songwriter
uri kohen, Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival
Brennen Leigh, High Plains Jamboree
CJ Lewandowski, The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys/Radio Bristol/Bluegrass Today/Missouri Bluegrass Preservation Association
Corrina Rose Logston, Independent Artist/High Fidelity
Laura Mainer, Joe Mullins and The Radio Ramblers
John Meyer, Museum of Appalachia/Tennessee Fall Homecoming
Ashley Moyer, Rounder Label Group
Joe Newberry, Artist
Akira Otsuka, Bluegrass 45
Ricky Gene Powell, Wintergrass/Artist-Teacher-Event Producer
Craig Reed, Downtown Raleigh Alliance/Younger Brother Productions
Bobby Rymer, Writers Den Music Group
John Smith, Free Dirt Records & Service Co.
Bill Thibodeau, Rick’s Musical Instruments/Rhode Island Bluegrass Alliance
Kris Truelsen, Radio Bristol, Birthplace of Country Music
Rachel Whitney, Pandora Media

Dede Wyland, Artist
Leah James, IBMA
Annie Savage, Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Janet Brightly, Festival Sponsorship Developer
Lisa Husted, Grey Fox/Joe Val
Kathy Hanson, Educator
Marian Leighton Levy, Rounder
Lee Stivers, Whiskey Rebellion Festival
Sal Sauco, Rhode Island Bluegrass Association
Daniel Boner, ETSU
Dustin Boyd, Planet Bluegrass
Jocelyn Gold, Gold Heart
Darby Brandli, California Bluegrass Association
Kimber Ludiker, Della Mae
Patrice O’Neill, Wintergrass
Brad Kolodner, WAMU
Chris Joslin, IBMM
Aengus Finnan, Folk Alliance
Lucas White, Bluegrass Heritage Foundation
Laurie Okun, Raleigh Convention Center
Tony Kamel, Wood & Wire
Devon Leger, Hearth Music
Kelsi Harrigill. Flatt Lonesome
Alan Bibey, Grasstowne
James Reams, Arizona Bluegrass Association
David Morris, Bluegrass Today

Amy Gallatin, Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters
Bree Tucker-Myers, DVT Marketing Enterprises Inc.
Cameron Matthews, The Bluegrass Situation
Debbie Hall, Rhode Island Bluegrass Alliance
Eddie Huffman, IBMA
Emily Epley, Executive Director of The Earl Scruggs Center
Gary Loeser, The Event Company
Hank Smith, Musician/Teacher
Heidi Herzog, Red Dress Productions
Jacob Groopman, Front Country
Jeff Westerinen, Artist/Producer
Joe Mullins, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
Judy McDonough, JEMMedia
Kathy Chiavola, Artist
Laura Boosinger, Blue Ridge Music Trails of NC
Laurie Greenberg, Tall Pines Media
Maria E. Nadauld, Above The Bay Booking
Mark Panfil, Foundation for Bluegrass Music & musician
Mitch Collman, Robust Records Inc.
Paul Schiminger, High Strung Bluegrass
Reuben Shetler, Boston Bluegrass Union
Ron Raxter, PineCone
Thomm Jutz, Artist
Tori Gold, Gold Heart Band
Wendy Tyner, Wintergrass

Alane Anno, Alane Anno Photography
Richard Bicknell, Bluegrass Music Association of Maine
Sherrill Blackman, SDB Music Group
Seamus Brady, G7th Ltd
Thom Case, Lizardville Music
Taylor Coughlin, IBMA
Jamie Deering, Deering Banjos
Mark Dillon, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Pam Gadd, Songwriter & Musician
John Goad, Bluegrass Today
Pattie Hopkins, Kickin Grass
Nate Lee, Chuck Lee Banjo Company/ Alan Munde Gazette
Ted Lehmann, Bluegrass, Books & Brainstorms
Chris Luquette, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
Patrick McAvinue, Audie Blaylock & Redline
Matt Merta, Songwriter/Artist/Manager/Freelance Writer
Daniel Perry, Belmont University
Claire Ratliff, Laughing Penguin Publicity
Cass B. Scripps, Agency for the Performing Arts/APA
Matthew Slocum, DC Bluegrass Union
Amanda Smith, Kenny & Amanda Smith
Anna Sommerville, Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society
Rick Sparks, Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association
Ashlee Jean Trott, Music City Roots
Vickie Vaughn, Vickie Vaughn Band

Darin Aldridge, Darin and Brooke Aldridge
Melissa Armstrong, Detour
Andrea Ball, Make Welcome Entertainment
Katherine Coe, DS Management
Jeremy Darrow; The Erin McDermott Band/Freelance Musician
John DeMarce; DC Bluegrass Union
Susie Glaze; Hilonesome Music, Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band
KC Groves; Artist & Composer
Kayla Hotte; Kayla Hotte & her Rodeo Pals
Caroline Isachsen; Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
Steven Johnson; MerleFest
Lori King; Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa
Jordan Laney; Appalachian State University
Ron Murphy; Muddy River Band
Amy Reitnouer; The Bluegrass Situation
Carolyn Routh; Nu-Blu, Red Squared Audio
Sheila Selby; Boston Bluegrass Union
Carly Smith; International Bluegrass Music Museum
Erin Stamper; WAMU’s Bluegrass Country
Shannon Turner; Freelance writer/journalist
Missy Werner; Missy Werner Band
Jill Wiese; Bluegrass Association of North Dakota
Kristi Wilcox; Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Courtney Worthen; PineCone – The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music

Bob Altschuler; Dyer Switch Band/Educator
Jimmy Bowen, Jimmy Bowen & Santa Fe
Casey Campbell; Belmont University, Musician
Sonya Robles Cotton; The Louisville Bluegrass Music Association, Bluegrass Anonymous
Martha Stracener Dantzic, Quicksilver Productions
Laurie Dashper; Music City Roots, Bluegrass Underground
Denise Hitchcock, BlueHighways TV
Lisa Jacobi; Playing On The Planet, Lisa Affordable Websites
Denise Jarvinen; Boston Bluegrass Union, Traditional Music Foundation
Russell Johnson; Grass Cats, Red Sock Publishing, The Comfort Zone Recording Studio, New Time Records
Gerald Jones,
Jamie Katz; PineCone, The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, Inc.
Rick Lang; Haley Anna Music, BMI
Claire Lynch; The Claire Lynch Band
Michael McLain; Belmont University, Musician
Ronnie Norton, Lonesome Highway
Chris Oliver, Infinity Luthiers
Ross Pomerenk, Acoustic Sound/ Wintergrass
Daniel Routh; Nu-Blu Bluegrass Artists, Red Squared Audio
Gene Skinner, Great Stuff Radio Network
Jennifer Strickland;  Jenny Lynn Publishing
Chris Teskey, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country
Tony Watt; Musician, Educator, Boston Bluegrass Union
Sharon White, The Whites
Kimberly Williams; East Public Relations, The Expedition Show

Paul Byrum, Bluegrass Bands Helping Hands
Greg Cahill, The Special Consensus
Kyle Cantrell, Sirius XM Radio
Henri Deschamps; Mast Farm Inn Concert Series, The Bluegrass Legacy
Mary Doub, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
Tom Duplissey, Central Texas Bluegrass Association
Elizabeth Fortune; Seattle Public Schools, Wintergrass
Amy Beth Hale, SESAC
Heidi Labensart, McGuckin PR
Nolan Lawrence, The Hillbenders
Jimmy Metts, New Cuts of Bluegrass
Louis Jay Meyers; Folk Alliance
Walt Michael; Walt Michael & Co., Common Ground on the Hill
Larry Nager, Freelance Journalist
Tom Nechville, Nechville Musical Products
Jerry Salley; Songwriter, Artist
Frank Solivan, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
Richard Spratt; Foundation for Bluegrass Music, Educator
Danna Strong, Americana Music Association
Juli Thanki; The 9531, freelance journalist
Angelika Torrie, European Bluegrass Music Association
Valerie Tucker, Educator
Emilee Warner, Crash Avenue
Bob Webster

Phil Bankester; The Bankester Family, Genuine Human Productions
Carol Beaugard; WFDU-FM, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country
Kissy Black, Lotos Nile
Linda Bonner, Grassland Elementary
Jess Bostic, Vanderbilt University
Thomas Brown; Songwriter/Playwright, Spatial Effects
Megan Brugger; Classic Country Radio, Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival
Denis Chadbourn; Bluegrass Music Association Central Canada, Nipissing Bluegrass Association, C-Denny Band
Karl Cooler, Mountain Roads Recordings
Lachlan Davidson, The Davidson Brothers
R. Avery Ellisman, Non-profit Management & Resouce Development
Doris Gray, Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Chris Keenan, Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival
Thad Keim, Compass Records
Joan Kornblith, Voice of America
Jennifer Larson, Straight Drive
William Lewis, PineCone
Patty Mitchell; Artist, Musical Heritage Center of Middle Tennesee
Gretchen Priest-May; Music Heritage Center of Middle Tennessee; artist
Michael Ramsey; Red, White & Bluegrass Festival
Gary Reid, Bluegrass Productions of Virginia
Jessica Smith; Artist, Songwriter
Jean Spivey, Old Settlers Music Festival
Andrew Stokes, McLachlan Management International
Donna Ulisse; Donna Ulisse & the Poor Mountain Boys, Hadley Music Group

John Abrams, The Abrams Brothers
Danny Clark; The Bluegrass Bus Museum
Larry Cordle, Lonesome Standard Time
David Crow; Milom, Joyce, Horsnell & Crow PLC
Lee Michael Demsey; WAMU’s BluegrassCountry, Bluegrass Unlimited
Hannah Johnson, The Toy Hearts
Becky Johnson; WMMT-FM, Photgrapher
Gary Jolicoeur, WNRV Bluegrass Radio
Karl Kersey, Music Heritage Center of Central Tennessee
Barry Mazor; Journalist,Author
Penni McDaniel, Hope River Entertainment
Janet McGarry; Diamond Productions PEI, Janet McGarry & Wildwood
C. Roger Moss, Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival
Tom Mueller, The Muellers
David Preston, BMI
Ronnie Reno; BlueHighways TV, Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition
Leah Ross, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion
Sammy Shelor, Lonesome River Band
Tommy Sivert, Gold Tone Musical Instruments
Tom Thorpe; Educator, Dyer Switch Bluegrass Band
Alan Tompkins; Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, Acoustic Music Camps
Jim Van Cleve, Mountain Heart
Joe Weed; Artist, Music & Video producer
Pete Wernick; Dr. Banjo, Pete & Joan Wernick, Pete Wernick & Flexigrass, Hot Rize
Dwight Worden, San Diego Bluegrass Society
Brandi Hart, The Dixie Bee-Liners

Fred Bartenstein, Fred Bartenstein & Associates
Serge Bernard, Diamond Productions
Ethan Burkhardt, Pinecastle Records
Ron Cox, Avenue Bank
Katy Daley, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country
Debbie Durant; Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music, Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival
Arnie Fleischer; The Emelin Theatre
Tim Graves, Tim Graves & Cherokee
Cindy Gray, The Nevada Bluegrass Project
Bill Hartley
Richard Hurst; Ulster American Folk Park, EBMA
Carl Jackson, Colonel Rebel Music
Diane King; Songwriter, Artist
Katy E. Leonard, Educator/Musicologist
Matt Lindsey, Matt Lindsey Music LLC
Michael W. Marceau; D.C. Bluegrass Union, Artist
Tim McFadden, Tim McFadden Management LLC
Marty Raybon; Marty Raybon & Full Circle
Roger Ryan, CMA of Ireland
Lorraine Short, Prime Tyme Solutions
Roger H. Siminoff, Siminoff Banjo & Mandolin Parts
H W. “Bill” Smith
Wayne Taylor; Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa, Raincoe Music
Dana Thorin, Music Caravan
April Verch; April Verch Band, April Verch Music
Lucy Weberling; Festival Yoga/ Inner Smile Productions
Rebekah Weiler; Artist, Detective

Geoff Albert, Value Music Concepts
Jessie Allen
Cindy Baucom, Kneedeep in Bluegrass
Karen Byrd; Educator, Karen Byrd Public Relations
Gary Davidson, Dusty Strings
Regina Derzon, The D.C. Bluegrass Union
Pat Flynn; Artist, Songwriter
Aaron Harris, Freelance & Newspaper Writer
Craig Havighurst; String Theory Media, Music City Roots
Carolyn Hotte, Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society
Kevin Kehrberg; Educator
Lawrence Klein, MD; ETV Radio Network, Bill Wells & Blueridge Mountain Grass
Mike Mickelson; Artist, Educator, Fisherman
Dagfinn Pedersen; Risor Bluegrass, Radio Risor, Norwegian Bluegrass Music Assoc.
T. Lawson Peets, Rowdy Pickers Musical Products
Tina Potter
Don Rigsby; Don Rigsby & Midnight Call
Jim Roe; Roe Entertainment
Neil Rosenberg; Professor Emeritus, Memorial University; Author, musician
Tim Stafford; Blue Highway, Daniel House Music
Larry Stephenson, The Larry Stephenson Band
Stephanie Taylor; Middle Tennessee State University, Stephanie Taylor Law
Richard Tucker, Event Producer
Garian Vigil; Freelance Writer, Publicist, Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Dana Romanello; Dana Romanello & 1925, ABC Radio

Nick Barr, WAMC
Arthur Berman, CITR
Stephen Betts, Music Journalist
Jesse Brock, Musician
Lynda Dawson, The Kickin Grass Band
Mark Epstein; Durango Meltdown, The Badley Bent
Ira Gitlin; Artist, Educator
Bull Harman, Bull Harman & Bull’s Eye
Richard Hawkins; Bluegrass Ireland Blog, EBMA Blog
Kelly Kessler, Songwriter
Mike Lawing, Musician
Jessica Lovell, Artist
John D. McNaughton; Artist, CKRZ
Liz Meyer; Liz Meyer & Big City Bluegrass, European World of Bluegrass
Tom Mindte, Patuxent Music
Howard L. Parker; Beard Guitars LLC, Artist
Lilly Pavlak, Music Journalist
Butch Robins; Educator, Artist
Earle Simmons, SunTrust Bank
Kenny Smith, Kenny & Amanda Smith Band
Joe Steiner, Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association
Holly Tashian; Barry & Holly Tashian, Poodle Paw Music
Yvonne Tatar; Foundation for Bluegrass Music, Summergrass, SuperGrass, Music Journalist
Jon Weisberger; Songwriter, Muscian, Journaist
Johnny Williams, Grass Tank Music

Jay Armsworthy, Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition
Wayne Bledsoe, KMST-FM
Erika Brady, Western Kentucky University, WKYU
Mike Bub, Musician
Buddy Cannon, Cannon Productions
Bradley Collins, BMI
Emily Coppess, Gaylord Entertainment
Sue Cunningham, Hickory Project
Lilly Drumeva, Lilly of the West
Jason Duke, Ciphertek Entertainment
John Fabke, Documentary Film Maker, Academic Research
Mike Gorrell, Northwest Territory
Reggie Helm, Helm Productions
Tim Kruzic, Artist
Kitsy Kuykendall, Bluegrass Unlimited
Peter Kuykendall, Bluegrass Unlimited
Mary Jo Leet; Geobuilt, Artist
Doug McKelway, WJLA Channel 7/ABC TV
George McKnight; Emcee, Broadcaster
Don Miller, Just Right Productions
Michelle Nikolai, Music Journalist
Barry Tashian; Barry & Holly Tashian, BarryBoy Songs
Connie Jean Thiessen; Music Journalist, Artist
Jeanette Williams, Jeanette Williams Band
Bob Wright; Risky Business Bluegrass, Harbortown Revue

Ginger Bateman
Chris Cairns, FireHeart Records
Bill Foster; Bluegrass Unlimited, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country
Jeremy Garrett, The Infamous Stringdusters
George W. Gertz;, Colorado Bluegrass Society, KDNK
Sarah Graham, Musician
Sam Jackson, J.A.M. Productions
Si Kahn, Joe Hill Music
Lori Kampa, Dualtone Records
Bill Knowlton, WCNY
Holly Lowman, Kaleidoscope Media
George B. McCeney; Bluegrass Unlimited, Songwriter
Belle Heffner Mickelson; Dancing with the Spirit, Educator
Susan Newberry; Event Production, Arts Consultant
Randy Pitts, Booking Agent
Tony Rackley, Big Cedar Music
Valerie Smith; Liberty Pike, Bell Buckle Records
Kipper Stitt; Booking Agent, Aartist
Chris Stuart, Backcountry Music
Priscilla Warnock; Brandywine Friends of Bluegrass, Delaware Valley Festival, Photographer
Adrienne Young; AddieBelle Music, Little Sadie
Hal Cottrell, Musician

Lisa Aschmann; Nashville Geographic, songwriter
Gena Britt, Artist
Becky Buller; Songwriter, Artist, Educator
Donica Christensen, publicist,
Kimberly Cyr; Connecticut Bluegrass Assoc, WHUS
Stephen Day, Digome Digital
Gabrielle Gray, IBMM
Michael Hall; Northern California Bluegrass Society, CBA
Brian Hill, Monterey Peninsula Artists
Jim Hurst, Artist
Wade Jessen, Billboard
Sally Love; Artist, Smithsonian Institute
Bev Paul, Consultant
David Peterson, David Peterson & 1946
Larry Shell, Songwriter, Publisher
Aretha Sills, CMH Records
Brian Smith, Leadership Artists LLC
Paul Snyder
Bertie Sullivan; Two Rivers Festival, Mississippi Bluegrass Reunion
Michael Tatar, Jr.; Artist, Educator
Don Tucker, Huck Finn’s Jubilee
Jim Winger, Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association
Tom Kopp; Miami University, Bluegrass in the Schools

Mike Bucayu; Bluegrass Anonymous
Mary Burdette, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
Peter D’Addario, D’Addario Strings
John Eberle, Americana CD Mastering
Craig Ferguson, Planet Bluegrass
Lisa Kay Howard; WAMU’s  Bluegrass Country, WCUL
Kevin Howell
Fred Jasper, Welk Music Group
Shari Lacy, GoodStuff PR
Les McIntyre; Bluegrass Unlimited, WAMU
Christy Mullins-Jones
Mark Newton, Mark Newton Agency, Artist
Bob Perilla, Big Hillbilly Bluegrass
Mark Simos; Devachan Music, Berklee College of Music
Cindy Sinclair, NashCamp Music Camps
B.J. Suter, Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Michael Tatar, Sr.; San Diego Bluegrass Society

Richard Adler, Sound Wave
Claire Armbruster, Keith Case & Associates
Louisa Branscomb, Songwriter
Steven Brechter
Carmen Burnett
Larry Carlin, Artist
Jean Cornett, The Festival of the Bluegrass
Peggy Dean; Educator, Musician
Mike Drudge, Class Act Entertainment
Casey Henry; Musician, Educator
Rienk Janssen, Strictly Country Magazine
Gerry Katz, Boston Bluegrass Union
Dan Keen, Belmont University
Amanda Kowalski; Photographer, Musician
Alan Munde, The Alan Munde Gazette
Amy Murray, Murray Music Group
Tony Rairden
Ben Surratt; The Rec Room Recording Studio; Producer
Iboya Takacs
Traci Thomas, Thirty Tigers
Archie Warnock, AWWW Enterprises
Jay Williams, William Morris Agency

Mike Armistead; RME Music Inc, The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band
David Bridges; Shout for Joy Ministries, Shout Records
Tim Cahall, Old National Bluegrass
Jill Crabtree
Nancy Cardwell, IBMA Foundation
Bill Evans, Native & Fine Music
Mike Fleming; Artist, SEBA
Vernell Hackett; Music Journalist, Publicist
Stacy Harris, Stacy’s Music Row Report
Murphy Henry, The Murphy Method
Ken Irwin, Rounder Records
Julie Koehler, Music Journalist
Stephanie P. Ledgin, Music Journalist
Lynwood Lunsford, Artist
Mark Mason, BMI
Greg McGraw
Sharon McGraw
Art Menius
Andy Owens; Artist, Lonesome Pine
Missy Raines, Missy Raines & the New Hip
Andrea Roberts; Educator/ Artist
Scott Rouse, Nashville Entrepreneur Center
David Skepner, The Buckskin Company
Traci Todd, CMT
Trisha Tubbs, SoftResources LLC, Wintergrass
Bob Turbanic, Wheeling Park High School Bluegrass Band
Todd Wright; Merchandiser, Educator, Artist

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