Hive Mind: Gift Ideas for the Bluegrass Fan

We recently polled our Facebook followers (AKA the hive mind): what is the best gift for a bluegrass lover? They came up with a timely list, which we share here, word for word. If you’re a bluegrass fan, we recommend you print this list and leave it laying around in strategic areas.

Practical Gifts
One of Jonah Horton’s handmade picks.
Strings. Always need strings.
Blue Chip picks, Elliott capos, Dean Hoffmeyer picks, strings (if you know what they use).
Lessons are great, so are gift cards. Maybe a subscription to Fretboard Journal or Bluegrass Unlimited.
Another capo or bridge?
The Dunlop elastic capo is a good one, too.
A custom strap from Hambones Custom Leather or new finger picks from Perfect Touch Finger Picks.
Blue Chip pick!
A Leno capo for my dobro-playing husband….
Bluechip Pick (ed. note: We detect a theme here.)
Mint condition Rounder 0044 on vinyl. At least that what I want.
Kenny Baker CDs.
Banjo mute.

Gifts That Don’t Involve Picking
New Bluegrass CD’s or iTunes gift card to download music. Can enjoy those the rest of your life.
Classic: Jonathan Edwards and the Seldom Scene.
BILLY STRINGS anything and everything.
The latest Blue Highway CD!
Ralph Stanley Biography.
A subscription to Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.

The Gift of Live Music
Festival Tickets!
Tickets to The Red Hat at IBMA.
IBMA TICKETS. (ed. translation: Tickets to the Main Stage of the Wide Open Bluegrass festival at IBMA’s World of Bluegrass.)
Tickets to HoustonFest … well that’s what I’d want. Lol.
Tickets to see Sam Bush when he comes to town.
Tickets to the Eastern Ontario Bluegrass Festival 😉
Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion tickets!
Tickets to Telluride.
Tickets to the DownHome in the winter and MerleFest in the spring.

Very Nice Gifts, Indeed
A half-hour lesson with Molly Tuttle.
Full set of Flatt and Scruggs DVDs. A winning Powerball ticket wouldn’t hurt.
Full jug of mountain dew. (ed. note: Works for tee-totalers, too – just be sure to get the right one.)
Festival tickets and spending money.
Elliott Capo and a cowboy Capo bag!
Box sets.
1,000 old 78s.

Luxury Gifts
A new instrument and a big fat joint. (ed. note: We’re assuming this person lives in a state where this is legal.)
A fully funded retirement.
I’m a Dr. Ralph Stanley & Ralph Stanley II fan. One of their signature guitars. They sound awesome. It was only 30 made. If it was me that’s what I’d want.
Martin Guitar!!!
An RV !!
Tickets and airfare to a Mark O’Connor concert.
A pre-war Granada , or maybe a Loar !!?
Pre-war Gibson banjo or mandolin, pre-war Martin for guitarist, pre-war Kay for bass, and a real instrument for the dobro picker.
Rhonda Vincent bluegrass cruise.
JD’s old banjo, Banjo Banger.
Earl’s Gibson…

Philosophical Gifts
Gainful employment?
Tony Rice’s hands and voice coming right so he can starting playing again.
Just give me Del ringing clear as a bell.
A job.
{ahem} A paying job…
A week…no, a month without hearing anything even remotely hip hop-ish or rap-like.
A 6th string?
More bluegrass!
Love for bluegrass music is already your gift! (Ed. note: if Santa thought like this when I was a kid, Christmas would have been pretty depressing.)

…and finally, Gifts with the Intent to Make the World a Better Place
Support your local bluegrass by getting out and going to shows and festivals, and your favorite musicians by purchasing physical CDs rather than streaming their music for free. CDs are tangible works of art, something you can collect and cherish and pass on through your family. Help the younger generation hold on to and develop the same love for this music that you have!!!

Support your favorite music by buying CDs and other merch and support community radio stations that program bluegrass.

Get the folks who put the Kyser capos on their headstock a Paige or Elliott or Shubb. The Kyser capos clamped to the headstock is as unattractive as a cigarette put under the E string on the headstock side of the nut.

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