Getting Around Your Member Portal

Your Member Portal is going to put you in the driver’s seat with your membership and your personal information. This guide will walk you through getting signed up for your Member Portal. We’ll try to troubleshoot the spots that might be unclear.

PLEASE NOTE: All fields marked with an * on the signup form are required.

      1. How do you sign up?
        Use the link in any email you receive from IBMA inviting you to sign up. Or follow this link. At the bottom of the popup window, enter the email address associated with your membership, and follow the directions from there.
      2. How do I find my member account on the new Member Portal?
        If you have been an IBMA member anytime in the last five years, you already have an account on the Member Portal. You just need to set up your username and password using the directions in step 2 to access it. Then hit the “Log In” button on any page of the IBMA website, and you’re on your Portal!
      3. What is your username and password?
        You can create your own username and password in the popup window. Save this log in information – this is how you will always log in to manage your membership information. If, in the future, you forget your password, enter your username under “Not sure if you have an account, or you forgot your login information?” and you will be emailed directions on how to reset your password.


    3.  What is an membership coupon code?
    Please disregard this. The IBMA may use a coupon code in future promotions, but right now it is deactivated.

  1. 4.  Do you want to be listed in the directory?
    Your Member Portal includes access to the directory of all IBMA professional members who have agreed  to share their contact information. Would you like to have your contact information listed in the IBMA Member Directory? Choose “True” in the dropdown menu under “List me in the membership directory“. You do NOT have to choose “TRUE” (agree-to-share) in order to have access to the IBMA Member Directory on the Member Portal.
  2. 5.  How do you use your dashboard, now that you are logged in?
    In the image below, the purple arrow points to a link to get full details about your account. The red arrow points to the dropdown menu for your options of actions to take.

If you click Details, you see all the information about your membership (in picture below).

The green arrow shows where you can find the type of membership you have (example here is “Individual”) and your dates for joining and renewing (in other words, the length of your term of membership). The red arrow points to a link to set up auto-renewal of your membership, should you like to do that. Please note the IBMA office does not have access to the the credit card numbers of members who sign up for auto-renewal. The orange arrow points to a link for renewing your membership. The purple arrow points to confirmation that your membership dues payment was received (Succeed). You will also receive an automated email receipt any time you renew your membership online.

6. How do you update your profile? Change your address? Make a donation? Or logout?
Once you have logged in, click the dropdown menu on the right to reveal links for taking any of these actions.

  1.  7. What is Neon?
    Neon CRM offers databases for nonprofits. Using Neon for our membership database lets the IBMA offer our members the most up-to-date options for maintaining your information and managing your memberships.
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