COVID-19 Relief

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and an economy suffering as a result of the shutdowns all over our country, the bluegrass music industry has suffered an incredible hit. For 30 years the IBMA Trust Fund has been there to help our bluegrass community in times of emergency financial need. It stands today to also help us through this crisis.

As a commitment to our professional bluegrass community, the IBMA Trust Fund Board of Trustees has set aside up to $150,000 of current assets for COVID-19 crisis assistance and has established an account specifically for COVID-19 Relief. Any funds donated to this new account will be added to the existing funds being committed. These funds will allow us to fulfill requests from eligible professional bluegrass music applicants with awards up to $750 per application. While the IBMA Trust Fund can’t replace the cumulative income lost during this crisis, it is here to help.

We are embracing the slogan, “If you have a little, give; if you need a little, ask.” If you are in the fortunate position to give, your donations will be much appreciated as we move forward in helping those in need. The size of the IBMA Trust Fund remains modest due to the significant assistance it has granted annually to those with emergency need, and the Fund will continue to help those with acute non-COVID-19 emergencies just as it always has. However, this COVID-19 crisis is every bit the emergency, and its effects could prove to be far more long-lasting. Any donation will help.




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