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Phil Leadbetter


  • Resophonic Guitar Player of the Year

    • Phil Leadbetter (2019)

    • Phil Leadbetter (2014)

    • Phil Leadbetter (2005)

  • Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year

    • Slide Effects (2005)

      Phil Leadbetter (artist), Phil Leadbetter & Scott Vestal (producers), Pinecastle Records (label)

  • Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year

    • "In the Resurrection Morning" (2021)

      Sacred Reunion featuring Doyle Lawson, Vince Gill, Barry Abernathy, Tim Stafford, Mark Wheeler, Jim VanCleve, Phil Leadbetter, Jason Moore (artists), Mark Wheeler (songwriter), Barry Abernathy, Jim VanCleve (producers), Dottie Leonard Miller (Executive Producer), Billy Blue Records (label)

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