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Jason Carter


  • Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year

    • "Kissimmee Kid" (2023)

      Jason Carter

  • Fiddle Player of the Year

    • Jason Carter (2023)

    • Jason Carter (2014)

    • Jason Carter (2013)

    • Jason Carter (2003)

    • Jason Carter (1998)

    • Jason Carter (1997)

  • Collaborative Recording of the Year (formerly Recorded Event of the Year)

    • "The Barber's Fiddle" (2020)

      Becky Buller with Shawn Camp, Jason Carter, Laurie Lewis, Kati Penn, Sam Bush, Michael Cleveland, Johnny Warren, Stuart Duncan, Deanie Richardson, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Jason Barie, Fred Carpenter, Tyler Andal, Nate Lee, Dan Boner, Brian Christianson, and Laura Orshaw (artists), Stephen Mougin (producer), Dark Shadow Recording (label)

    • Everett Lilly & Everybody and Their Brother (2008)

      Everett Lilly, Bea Lilly, Charles Lilly, Daniel Lilly, Mark Lilly, Marty Stuart, Rhonda Vincent, Billy Walker, Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury, David Ball, Charlie Cushman, Larry Stephenson, Joe Spivey, Eddie Stubbs, Jason Carter, Dickey Lee, Freddy Weller, Mike Bub, Rad Lewis, Andy May, Darrin Vincent, Marcia Campbell, Clay Rigdon, Eric Blankenship & Bill Wolfenbarger, produced by Charles Lilly & Bill Wolfenbarger, Swift River Music (label)

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