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Claire Lynch


  • Song of the Year

    • “Dear Sister" (2014)

      Claire Lynch (artist), Claire Lynch and Louisa Branscomb (writers)

  • Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year

    • "Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout" (2019)

      Claire Lynch (artist), Jerry Salley (producer), Billy Blue (label)

  • Female Vocalist of the Year

    • Claire Lynch (2013)

    • Claire Lynch (2010)

    • Claire Lynch (1997)

  • Collaborative Recording of the Year (formerly Recorded Event of the Year)

    • "Alberta Bound" (2023)

      Special Consensus with Patrick Sauber, Ray Legere, John Reischman, Trisha Gagnon, Claire Lynch, Pharis & Jason Romero

    • "I've Gotta Get a Message to You" (2017)

      Bobby Osborne with Sierra Hull, Alison Brown, Rob Ickes, Stuart Duncan, Trey Hensley, Todd Phillips, Kenny Malone, Claire Lynch, and Bryan McDowell (artists), Original (album), Alison Brown (producer), Compass Records (label)

    • “Wild Montana Skies” (2014)

      Special Consensus with Claire Lynch & Rob Ickes (artists), Alison Brown (producer), Compass Records (label)

    • Follow Me Back to the Fold: A Tribute to Women in Bluegrass (2001)

      Mark Newton with Gloria Belle, Dale Ann Bradley, Louisa Branscomb, Gena Britt, Kathy Chiavola, Kim & Barb Fox, Sally Jones, Laurie Lewis, Claire Lynch, Lynn Morris, Missy Raines, Kristin Scott, Valerie Smith, Rhonda Vincent, Sharon & Cheryl White; Rebel Records

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