Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles for how we strive to conduct our affairs. They reflect what is important to us as an organization. They drive the behaviors we as members want to model in business and with the public.

Forward Thinking & Leadership provides us with an endless and outward looking vision and allows us to be proactive in finding the growth critical to our future.

Positive Working Relationships create goodwill and a spirit of cooperation. Participation is encouraged through personal communication and interaction in an organization that is accessible and responsive.

Professionalism is our mission and cornerstone of all things important to our industry. In daily practice we endeavor to be more resourceful, educated, creative, aware and dedicated in order to find health and success.

Integrity is a respected trait we work to earn through truthfulness, honesty, fairness and ethical conduct that fosters goodwill and more productive and humane relationships with one another.

Honoring Tradition is important, not only to our past, but to our future as we embrace the positive attributes and pride we have in our industry, musical and cultural heritage. Our traditions are the source of intense and powerful resources.

Diversity & Inclusion are essential to the well-being and continued growth of bluegrass
music. We encourage, embrace, and celebrate the participation and involvement in bluegrass
by people of all abilities, genders, orientations, identities, faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

Education & Research help us understand that bluegrass music is part of a larger historical, social, and professional/commercial context. We are committed to preserving legacies of bluegrass while also cultivating and inspiring rising generations of tradition bearers and creators.

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