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Official Sustainability Statement

The IBMA strives to be environmentally responsible, encourages sustainability within the global bluegrass community, and provides educational resources for members on sustainable festival production. We work to be sustainable in our own production efforts in a manner that enhance attendee experiences.  In 2014 the IBMA is reducing its carbon footprint, reducing waste, and improving attendee experience at World of Bluegrass by partnering with the LEED certified Raleigh Convention Center, local food caterers CenterplateZimride (an online ride share platform), Joulebug (a new sustainability app), and the City of Raleigh.

Raleigh Convention Center

The Raleigh Convention Center (RCC), home of the World of Bluegrass, is one of only four LEED Silver certified convention facilities in the country.  The RCC is constantly working with clients to expand corporate and event sustainability.  Some of the initiatives already in place at the RCC are as follows:

  • The building is constructed on a reclaimed site
  • Solar panels on the roof of the convention center
  • Rain water collection system used to water all plants
  • Electric car charging stations in parking garages
  • All cleaning supplies used are environmentally friendly

Refuse the Refuse

This year in Raleigh, we want to cut down on the amount of waste we create! In addition to the 45 BigBelly solar powered trash and recycling stations around downtown, the IBMA and RCC are working together to provide more recycling and composting receptacles at both inside at the business conference and outside at the street festival.  Also consider bringing a reusable water bottle or cup. And when you get down to the last few bites of that roasted corn you’re eating and you just can’t take another bite, throw it in the composter where it can be used to grow more vegetables, corn among them!

Eat Locally, Jam Globally

The RCC’s catering company, Centerplate, is a powerhouse when it comes to event sustainability, and we have asked them to utilize their full lineup of sustainable services for World of Bluegrass. Here are a few of the sustainable services you can expect from Centerplate in 2014:

Local Sustainable Foods

Centerplate offers many locally grown produce items from within a 100 miles of Raleigh.


Centerplate donates all leftover food from an event.

Biodegradable Products

All of Centerplates cups, forks, spoons, cutlery, and plates are made from completely compostable materials.

Earth Fr​iendly Cleaning

All of Centerplate’s dishwashing and sanitizing agents are completely environmentally friendly.

Recycling Efforts

Centerplate is diligent in its recycling, and the staff composts any leftover food that cannot be donated.

Need a Ride?

Are you planning on driving to WOB? Do you like to save money and meet new friends at the same time?  Then check out the IBMA’s Zimride page and post your ride!  Zimride is a ride share site dedicated to reducing carbon emissions from travel.  The IBMA encourages ridesharing as a sustainable travel alternative to WOB.  Always remember to be safe and we will see you and your car full of friends in Raleigh!

Once in Raleigh, there are plenty of sustainable options for getting around town.  Mass transit is a great way to cut down our carbon footprint. The RCC is providing a free shuttle bus for the Ramble, called the Bluegrass Express!  As you venue hop to see IBMA’s official showcase bands this year, be sure to look for the shuttle, which originates at the Marriott City Center.  Additionally, the City of Raleigh’s R-Line, an eco-friendly circulator service, features hybrid electric buses that connect you to downtown restaurants, retail, entertainment venues, museums, hotels, and parking facilities.  Another way to cut the carbon emissions is pedi-power.  Feel good about supporting local business and reducing carbon emissions and grab a pedi-cab.  Visit our Travel page for more travel options and information. Lastly, Raleigh is a safe, walkable city. Walking is a great way to take in the sights and sounds of Raleigh, burn a few calories, and save money.

Play, Save, Share

JouleBug is the easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play. Join the WOB Challenge and compete for free tickets and some great 2014 WOB schwag while learning more about sustainable practices. Discover how the WOB community can use resources responsibly and make this year’s event greener than ever. Share photos and sustainability stories with the rest of the bluegrass world. Every time you Buzz something, you’ll be helping the planet. When you compete, we all win!

Our Goal

The IBMA is working hard to make World of Bluegrass a completely carbon neutral and waste free!  This is our first year on the ‘green bluegrass scene,’ working towards that goal.  As we begin our journey to being a more sustainable organization and event, we hope that you will join us! Help us create a more sustainable World of Bluegrass in 2014!

*Note: we are working to reduce our carbon footprint by printing less!  We have put many World of Bluegrass resources like this one online and on the WOB app!  You can access them anytime, anywhere, without having to carry around a lot of wasteful paper.  We ask you to help by uploading your business card and other fliers to the WOB bulletin board

Working together for the (green) future of bluegrass music!