IBMA Bluegrass Film Festival

The IBMA is excited to present its first annual IBMA Bluegrass Film Festival during World of Bluegrass Week September 30-October 4 in Raleigh, NC!  The festival is comprised of two Feature Films, screened during the IBMA's World of Bluegrass Business Conference (Tues.-Thurs.), and six Festival Films, screened during the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival (Fri.-Sat.). Featured film screenings will include an introduction and post-screening Q&A session with the filmmaker or a representative during the Business Conference. All eight films (feature and festival) will be shown twice during the weekend.

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Feature Films

Banjo Romantika
This film documents the thriving bluegrass scene in the Czech Republic, exploring the longstanding Czech Romance with “Amerika.” 

Director: Shara K. Lange
Producer: Lee Bidgood
Editor: Shara K. Lange
Principal Cast: Luboš Malina & Robert Křest'an, Druha Trava; Marko Čermák, Greenhorns; Zdeněk Roh, Roll's Boys; Roll's Banjos; Zbyněk Bureš, Reliéf

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The Porchlight Sessions
The Porchlight Sessions features performances of great pickers by following the folk tradition either in the depths of the mountains, the big cities, on the road, or while sitting in a rocking chair under porchlight.

Director: Anna Schwaber
Producers: Anna Schwaber, Chris Cloyd
Editor: Chris Cloyd
Cinematographer: Anna Schwaber
Principal Cast: Dr. Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Steve Martin, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Doc Watson, Vince Gill, Chris Thile, Bela Fleck, and more

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Festival Films

The History of Future Folk
The History of Future Folk is the origin story for the real life “Acoustic Space Aliens” who have been charming NYC audiences for the better part of the last decade.

Directors: J. Anderson Mitchell, Jeremy Kipp Walker
Producers: Jeremy Kipp Walker, John Boulette, Andrew Goldman, Smokey Nelson
Principal Cast: Nils d'Aulaire, Jay Klaitz, Julie Ann Emery, April Hernandez Castillo, Onata Aprile, and Dee Snider

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Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B
This documentary is a lasting tribute to one of the greatest mandolin players of our time.

Director: Rick Bowman
Producers: Rick Bowman, Bill Perrine
Associate Producer: Mike Connor
Editor: Bill Perrine
Principal Cast: Herschel Sizemore, 
The Seldom Scene, David Grisman, Doyle Lawson, The Travelers, Chris Thile, and a special reunion of Del McCoury and The Dixie Pals

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G2: Mind Over Matter
A documentary of the Swedish band G2. In April 2014 they went to Nashville to record their new album Mind over Matter.

Director: David Elfgren
Principal Cast: G2, Erick Jaskowiak

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The Cricket
Fiddlin' Dave Shaw and Stoney Lonesome "cut wax" that they hope will find its way into the homes of many. Staring.... Smedley DeRange !!

Story By:​ Robert Fraker and Stoney Lonesome (Andrew Cartoun)
Director: Stoney Lonesome
Camera: Simon Dasher
Editor: Stoney Lonesome
Principal Cast: Robert Fraker, Smedley DeRange; Fiddlin' Dave Shaw, Mr. Shaw; Wyatt G., Crying Baby; Bonita Faye, Schoolmarm; Stoney Lonesome, Mr. Cartune

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The Tao of Bluegrass
This portrait of Peter Rowan expands beyond his music to his artistic and spiritual endeavors spanning four decades giving the viewer an in-depth look at a true legend within our Americana musical history.  

Director: Christine Funk
Producer: Christine Funk
Principal Cast: Peter Rowan, 
David Grisman, Steve Earle, Ricky Skaggs, Richard Greene, Jerry Douglas, Jack Casady, Vassar Clements,  Wavy Gravy, Tony Rice, Sam Bush and Tim O’Brien

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At the Feed and Seed
At The Feed & Seed covers some of the lively history of the Fletcher Supply Company, a typical Saturday night with bluegrass music and clogging, and the Feed & Seed church services on a Sunday morning.

Directors: April Janow, Dax A. Cuesta
Producers: April Janow, Dax A. Cuesta
Editor: Christopher Capp

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