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Fresh Sounds in the World of Bluegrass: April/May 2013

By Taylor Coughlin

Tina Adair Band, Born Bad: Fronted by a force (read: voice) to be reckoned with, Tina Adair Band comes barreling out of the gate on Born Bad. Full of songs bolstered by confidence and attitude, TAB display virtuosity and variety, melding traditional, bluesy ‘grass with a soulful, country-rock style. Tina’s songwriting, singing, and playing are all signature to her talents as a well-rounded music creator, and her team of high-esteemed musicians is well paired. Key tracks: “Born Bad,” “Farther Along,” and “Snaker Dan.”

Wanted Dead or Alive: Traditional Bluegrass Music

By Bill Conger

Is traditional bluegrass music going the way of the dinosaur? With many founding fathers of the music now deceased, some aficionados of the genre fear that the music the original class of true bluegrass created will pass away too.

"I think traditional bluegrass is becoming extinct for the younger generation of players and possibly the fans within their generation," said IBMA Hall of Fame member Bobby Osborne.

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