Driving Traffic to Your Website

by: Joy Maples

You just met the most gorgeous person on the face of the earth. Your heartbeat quickens. You look. Working up your courage, you ask for a lunch date and you find yourself sitting across from this beautiful person and…nothing.  The exterior, though lovely, cannot make up for the lack of wit, depth and conversation.

Branding and Bluegrass Music

by Brandi Hart

They say necessity is the mother of invention – or reinvention.

As a bluegrass artist, I’ve got to agree. By necessity, I’ve reinvented myself any number of times, and I imagine that many folks in the bluegrass community are like me: We’ve become our own webmasters, managers, publicists, administrators, graphic designers, stylists and armchair marketing gurus. (Oh, and somewhere in there, we still make time to play music….)

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