Leadership Bluegrass alumni

Leadership Bluegrass Alumni, 2000-2013

John Abrams, The Abrams Brothers, 2009

Richard Adler, Sound Wave, 2001

Geoff Albert, Value Music Concepts, 2007

Darin Aldridge, Darin and Brooke Aldridge, 2013

Jessie Allen, 2007

Bob Altschuler; Dyer Switch Band/Educator, 2012

Claire Armbruster, Keith Case & Associates, 2001

Mike Armistead; RME Music Inc, The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band; 2000

IBMA Announces Graduates of Leadership Bluegrass 2012

For immediate release: March 12, 2012
Contact: Nancy Cardwell, IBMA (615) 256-3222, nancyc@ibma.org

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