Dwight Worden

Flying with your Instrument

By Dwight Worden

Flying with your instrument can be a challenge.  This article will set out some of the basic rules applicable to airline travel with instruments while pointing out some travel tips.  Remember, though, the rules vary airline to airline and a phone call in advance to check the rules with your carrier is important.

To Learn More:
-Visit the TSA web site at: www.tsa.gov.
-Visit the website of your airline and review its policies on musical instruments as carry-ons and as checked baggage.

Paying Bands, Issuing 1099's and Managing Tax Implications for Bluegrass Associations

By Dwight Worden

As your bluegrass association embarks on the fun process of hiring a band, of course you must negotiate the terms of the contract with the musicians. But, it is also important to manage the reporting and tax related issues that will apply to your association and the band. This brochure will help you address these issues.

To Learn More:
Visit the IRS web site at www.irs.gov or call 1-866 –455-7438•Contact IBMA, which can provide help to IBMA member associations.

Filing Tax Returns for your Non-Profit Bluegrass Organization

by Dwight Worden

The Performance Rights Act of 2009: Royalties for Performers & Sound Recording Copyright Holders for Music Played on Terrestrial Radio

By Dwight Worden

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