Score Cleaner, Plug and Play Notation System Introduced

By Tony Trischka

I went to a small gathering in New York City, early in December, to see a demonstration of the Score Cleaner, Plug and Play Notation system. It was held under the auspices of the VH1 Save the Children Foundation. The score cleaner program notates your music automatically by MIDI-recording.  You don't have to set tempo, key, time signature,  note values, etc. in advance.

The creator of Score Cleaner, Sven Ohlback, gave the demonstration and it is, indeed, quite handy if you have a keyboard hooked up to your computer and want to create things like lead sheets for your songs, or compose music on a keyboard. I asked Sven if it can create tablature and he said it's something that they're working on right now. In other words, it would be handy to play a tune into a microphone and have everything come out in tablature, for instant transcription.

In the end, it seems like a wonderful labor saving program, but of limited use to those of us in the bluegrass community.  This program may be of particular interest to songwriters interested in creating lead sheets for new songs.  More info: