New Developments at Spotify: Your Music is Everywhere!

by Katherine Coe

Spotify is a Swedish music service that can stream songs to most any device on an Internet connection. Recently releasing a new Discovery engine, Spotify is becoming even more popular on the list of mainstream music platforms. Announcing the big milestone of 5 million paying subscribers, Spotify continues to impress the masses.

  Spotify Logo

Since Spotify links to Facebook, sharing music now becomes even easier than sharing pictures. Just click and drag a song, album or playlist to a friend’s name (no uploading included). For those of you who follow the IBMA Facebook page, you’ll know that I share a playlist each Thursday called “IBMA Weekly.” The playlist changes up each week and has featured themes like: song requests from our Facebook followers, tracks of winners from the IBMA Awards Show, and on National Philanthropy Day I featured the Life Goes On album recorded by the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer.

Spotify is also the way to share music on, with video posts coming from

Spotify gives a new experience to the music world. Sharing and listening to any song wherever you are! It also gives a new insight to the teams behind the music. Now not only are there SoundScan selling reports, but there are the specific statistics Spotify can gather. What age group, male or female, which regions of the world, exact time in peaks from listeners... This information will greatly help artists in their marketing! If you haven’t checked out this new streaming music program yet, make sure you give it a chance. And don’t miss out on the apps, Spotify Radio, and sharing your favorites with friends!