IBMA Board Meeting Highlights - Spring 2013

The IBMA Board of Directors met April 12-14 in Raleigh, N.C. to consider a variety of business matters and to hear key committee reports. An executive session to develop a strategic plan for the next three years was facilitated by Fred Bartenstein.

Reports from IBMA committees were approved, including a report from the Membership Committee on May as IBMA Membership Month and a report from the Marketing Committee, with info on recent progress with Bluegrass Nation. The board voted to change the way IBMA Special Awards are currently chosen. Small committees will chose five final nominees (up from three per award in the past), and then the final vote will be determined by the IBMA Panel of Electors, a group of over 200 professional members with more than 10 years of experience in the bluegrass music industry who also vote on inductees into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame.

A motion to add commercially released tracks to the IBMA Awards Eligibility List (posted online at in time for the first ballot) was passed.

New board member Elizabeth Wightman and new IBMA staff member Taylor Coughlin were welcomed.

The World of Bluegrass program and rate schedules were reviewed, along with a list of confirmed artists who will perform at Wide Open Bluegrass in Raleigh Sept. 27-28, and a report was presented on new plans for showcasing (see article elsewhere in this publication). A Tuesday evening keynote meal was added to the IBMA Business Conference schedule.

A number of edits to the IBMA Bylaws were suggested, and will be voted on at the board’s next video-conference meeting in July. A proposal to require two signatures on all checks from IBMA written for $5000 or more was passed. A budget for 2013-2014 was presented and approved. A report of the 2012-2013 budget will be published after the end of IBMA’s fiscal year, June 31, 2013. The auditor’s report on IBMA finances 2011-2012 was presented to the board and accepted. Any IBMA member may request a copy of the auditor’s report

Chris Stuart and Jon Weisberger were appointed as co-producers of the 2013 International Bluegrass Music Awards.

During a three-day strategic planning session, the IBMA Board adopted the following goals for the next three years:  1) Enhance and diversify revenues, 2) Solidify financial and operational management, 3) Increase and add value to IBMA membership, and 4) Strengthen marketing and brand awareness for bluegrass music and IBMA. Specific action plans for each goal are being edited and prioritized, and will be formally adopted by the board at their next meeting.