Final Note: Ultimate Bluegrass Dream Duet (Nov. 2012)

Okay, let's play! Who would be in YOUR Ultimate Bluegrass Dream Duet? Pick two vocalists, living or Gone Home, male and/or female, from bluegrass and/or any OTHER genre! Who would you cast in your Dream Duet, and what would you have them sing to you?

Posted on IBMA’s Facebook page, October 2012

Flávio C. von Sperling

Ralph Stanley and Jean Ritchie singing “Copper Kettle.”

Carl Martin

Rhonda Vincent and Darrin Vincent singing “Beneath Still Waters.”

Bob Wright

Bill Monroe and Hazel Dickens… real, raw, pure, and powerful.

Bobby Hedge

Russell Moore and Emmylou Harris… “On The Other Side of Jordan.”

Stephanie Fields

Dale Ann Bradley & Dolly Parton.

Mark Alstott

John Cowan and Alison Krauss singing the phone book. ;)

Danny Hootenanny Clark

Simple. Del McCoury and Ronnie McCoury singing any McCoury song ever recorded.

James Hoey

Alison Krauss and John Duffey, “Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad.”

Misty Clayton

John Cowan and Darrell Scott, not just one song but an entire album together... :)

Rob Miller

Robert Greer (Town Mountain) with Ike Sheldon (The Wilders) singing “Misery Loves Company.”

Sheila Pollak

Charlie Waller and Dolly Parton.

Rob Keller

Carter Stanley and Ira Louvin, “I Heard The Bluebirds Sing.”

Braeden Paul

Doyle Lawson and Steve Gulley reunited. I would want a whole album of just them. They sounded AMAZING together in the mid-'90s.

Zsolt Pinter

I'd really be in a dream to see Larry Cordle & Ricky Skaggs singing “Lonesome Dove” together...

Charlie Butler

Tony Rice and Alison Krauss, “Summer Wages.”

Douglas E. Jessmer

Don Reno and Red Smiley. Who needs to cobble together a duo when these guys set 'em up and knocked 'em down for years?