Advertising information for WOB 2013

If you're looking to advertise in our conference program, here is the information:

Full Page: 7 ½” wide x 10” high

Half Page:  7 ½” wide x 5 “ high

Quarter Page: 3 ½ “ wide x 5 “ high

DEADLINE:  Email jpg or pdf ads (correct size) to by Aug. 20.


Program               IBMA Website                   Both

                                             (Print Ad)            Ad (One month)               Print & On-Line

Full Page                             $350                      Tier One    $380                    $650      

Half Page                             $190                      Tier Two    $150                    $300      

Quarter Page                      $125                       Tier Three $100                     $200      


·         Online ad size is 180w x 150h (pixels)

·         All ads are exposed on homepage and all interior pages prominently positioned in the right hand column in a highly visible location next to editorial content.

·         Tier One is a exclusive ad space (no rotation)

·         Tier Two is a rotation spot with 3 ads.

·         Tier Three is a rotation spot with 5 ads.