IBMA Bluegrass Film Festival

The IBMA is excited to present its third annual IBMA Bluegrass Film Festival during World of Bluegrass Week September 27-October 1 in Raleigh, NC! The festival enriches the overall World of Bluegrass Experience! by introducing the bluegrass industry to new bluegrass related films. It serves as a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work, and it also seeks to promote the development of bluegrass-related films. Submit your film today to become a part of the new and exciting World of Bluegrass event!


The festival is comprised of two Featured Films and a series of Festival Films.  Featured Films will be screened during the IBMA's World of Bluegrass Business Conference (Tues.-Thurs.) and the Wide Open Bluegrass festival (Fri.-Sat.). Featured film screenings will include an introduction and post-screening Q&A session with the filmmaker or a representative during the Business Conference (but not during the festival).  Festival Films will also be screened during Wide Open Bluegrass.  All films (featured and festival) will be shown twice during the weekend.

Films will be reviewed by World of Bluegrass Film Committee designated by the chair of the IBMA Board of Directors, with finalists being announced in mid July.  In assessing the films, the committee will consider both documentary and fictional bluegrass related films. Short and feature films are welcome to submit.  All selection decisions are final.


Submit a Film


  • Each online film submission will require a $25 Processing Fee to defray costs of the selection process.
  • If selected, each film screening will require a $100 Screening Fee to cover venue and audio/visual costs

Terms and Conditions

(* The term film is used here in reference to both film and video.)

  • All selected films shown must have a representative listed as a professional and/or an organizational IBMA member.   Join Now
  • The maximum running time for feature films sent to the IBMA World of Bluegrass Film Festival must not exceed 240 minutes in length (including titles and credits).
  • Films submitted to the IBMA World of Bluegrass Film Festival must either be in English or have English subtitles.
  • For pre-selection purposes, all entries must be submitted via online link.
  • The IBMA will have the right to show any of the films submitted to non-commercial audiences at the World of Bluegrass. Extracts of no more than 1 minute may also be shown on television/web as a promotion for the World of Bluegrass.
  • Films selected for screening will be announced before the start of the festival, and a full list will be published on the IBMA website.  Filmmakers who have been selected may be invited to resubmit their films in the preferred screening formats.
  • All films selected for the World of Bluegrass will be screened in DVD or Blu-Ray format.  No streaming.
  • Filmmakers and other participants associated with each production selected for screening at the festival will be encouraged to attend the festival screening, and be available for question and answer sessions. 
  • The IBMA retains the right to hold a copy of films submitted for archival and promotional purposes.
  • By submitting a film for consideration by the IBMA, the filmmaker/production company grants the IBMA the right to screen the film throughout the duration of the World of Bluegrass in any capacity. The IBMA will never upload a completed film to the Internet without the filmmaker’s consent.
  • The applicant declares that he/she has obtained all necessary rights and permissions to present the film and music at the IBMA’s World of Bluegrass events.  The filmmaker must own or have cleared copyright of all aspects of the submitted film.  This includes all music and images used. The IBMA accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in regard to clearing copyrighted material.
  • All decisions regarding festival acceptance are final.

Delivery and Return of Films
  • Filmmakers or their agents submitting films must cover all costs related to the delivery of preview and screening copies to the IBMA.
  • The IBMA will not cover costs of returning the screening copies.
  • To satisfy customs, all postage packages must be marked as follows: “For Cultural Purposes Only. No Commercial Value.”  The IBMA suggests contacting US and local customs to ensure proper delivery.
  • The IBMA will not be responsible for any customs charges, freight or damage charges or any other charges incurred by entrants who failed to follow the submissions procedure specified in this document.
  • IBMA staff and/or committee members cannot be required to collect films from airports, agencies, etc., in any circumstances.
  • The IBMA will take every reasonable care to protect films submitted.  However, the IBMA will not be responsible for any loss or damage to films however caused. Entrants are advised to ensure their films against loss or damage.