Bragging Rights and Getting Social

Social media has been a pretty big ego booster these days. Admit it: You can’t help but feel a little satisfaction over how many of your friends “Like” your new profile picture, or that status update about seeing The Del McCoury Band over the weekend.

IBMA is pleased to announce a large increase in followers and fans. We’re happy to say that our Facebook page has reached over 22,000 fans within the last year. We’re hopeful this is a continuing trend as more people honor, celebrate, and discover the music we all love and support.

Did you know we’re also on Twitter? Follow our 140 characters at @intlbluegrass, and @bluegrassnation. As we head into World of Bluegrass mode, make sure to use and search the hashtags #wob13 and #ibma!

If you’re hip to Instagram, we’re there, too, filters and all! Follow at @intlbluegrass.

And since we’ve got your attention, we’ll go ahead and tell you that membership here at IBMA jumped 22% since May 1! That’s a lot of support for the music we all love!

If you would like to join IBMA as a professional organization, professional individual, grassroots, youth, or friend, we would love to welcome you. Visit to sign up online, or call us at 1-888-GET-IBMA.

Check out our YouTube channel with our latest Backyard Bluegrass videos, and exclusive videos from artists you’ll see at World of Bluegrass this September in Raleigh!