World of Bluegrass 2013 Showcase Writers Announced

Longtime California-based songwriter and bandleader Kathy Kallick, award-winning young songwriter Kelsi Harrigill with the new band Flatt Lonesome; and Wayne Taylor, the band leader of Appaloosa, will co-host the IBMA Songwriter Showcase at World of Bluegrass, scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 26 from 1-2 the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C.

IBMA is pleased to announce the following writers have been asked to showcase the original songs listed below: 

“Footprints Left Below,” by Hugh Campbell

“Train of Trouble,” by J Cadley

“Double or Nothin,” by Mark Rigney & Stephen Mougin
“Losing You,” by John Cionca
“Come to Rest,” by Martha Trachtenberg
“Turn Away,” by Lilly Drumeva
“Tenth Day of September,” by David Morris & John Miller
“Carolina Waltz,” by Patrick Crouch
“Lightning,” by Robert Starnes 
“This Dance,” by Justin Hiltner

Alternates (alphabetical order):
“Imaginary Friend,” by Steve Bonafel
“Moonshine Land,” by Richard Hamilton
“Cloud of Dust,” by John Cloyd Miller

“Here It Comes,” by David Thom
“Second Hand Roses,” by Cecilia Russell