Heard 'Round the World


The European World of Bluegrass Festival will take place in Voorthuizen, Holland May 9-11. The event is in its 11th year and has been recognized by Bluegrass Event of the Year by IBMA, the only event in Europe so far to do so.  Fans can see acts from all over Europe and abroad; the event also features workshops, a trade show, and awards. Click here for more information.

 The Sons of Navarone have new guitar player: Yves Aerts. After just two years with The Sons, Jef Van Peer decided to leave the band because of his heavy schedule. Aerts also plays with Rocks & Ivy, and previously fronted Blue Cartel.

The Earl Brackin Band has been invited to play in Sochi, Russia during the 2014 Winter Olympics. In February 2014, The Earl Brackin Band will tour Russia during the Winter Olympic games as performing members of the Engage Sochi project. The band will start in Moscow with a concert then spend 4 days playing in Sochi, the site of the winter games. They are trying to raise the funds to get the band there, feed and house them. Help them get there by clicking and contributing here.

The 31st Big Bear Festival will take place Monday, May 20 in Zuidlaren, Netherlands. Junior Sisk & Rambler’s Choice will headline, along with Rocks & Ivy, Janis McCoury & the Wall of Sound, and more. Click here for more information.

Bluegrass bands from outside the US wanted onstage in Raleigh:

We are looking for bluegrass bands that plan to be in Raleigh for this year's World of Bluegrass. IBMA's International Committee, together with the EBMA and Nechville Instruments, will host a number of “Foreign Affairs” showcases, and would like to show the Americans that there is bluegrass music all over the world.

These showcase programs will probably be held in a venue in Raleigh, close to the Convention Center, late at night on Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday, when the Award Show and the official Wide Open Bluegrass programs are over.

Please email Rienk Janssen at: Rienk.janssen@planet.nl