Bluegrass In Schools

Like jazz and blues, bluegrass is an excellent style of music for teaching improvisational skills.  Perhaps more so than most other genres, bluegrass music connects students to a larger, multi-generational and international community of musicians and fans who love the music.  Learning to play a bluegrass instrument is usually a life skill—something a student will continue to do for a number of years after he or she has left high school music programs.     

The Bluegrass​ in the Schools program includes

  • A 68-minute educational DVD, Discover Bluegrass: Exploring American Roots Music, complete with downloadable lesson plans for each of six units, targeting students age 8-13 (available at $3.00, for educational purposes) *newly updated!
  • Teacher Workshops held in conjunction with major bluegrass festivals across the country, to give educators the tools to utilize bluegrass music in the classroom.
  • Matching $200 mini-grants to help fund live (band), educational presentations of bluegrass music for students.
  • A variety of programs implemented by our members in local schools—including bluegrass camps and workshops at festivals, after-school bluegrass clubs, artist in residency programs in which a bluegrass band works with orchestra students who already play stringed instruments, special bluegrass-related lesson plans and units (in all content areas), and live educational presentations from touring bands at school assemblies
  • An online Bluegrass in the Schools implementation Manual
  • A Bluegrass Lesson Plan Competition with award-winning lesson plans posted on for free use by teachers
  • Regional Bluegrass in the Schools Workshops for Artists interested in developing in-school bluegrass presentations.


For more info about the Bluegrass in the Schools Program, visit the Foundation for Bluegrass Music online or call (615) 256-3222.

(Photo: The Gettysburg Bluegrass Academy for Kids, directed by Ira Gitlin on the right.)