What You Support


Our Mission:

IBMA is the trade association that connects and educates bluegrass professionals, empowers the bluegrass community, and encourages worldwide appreciation of bluegrass music of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

IBMA is the bluegrass music industry's trade organization and serves a vital function both within the community it serves and to foster new opportunities in the broader world of entertainment.  Organized as a non-profit (501c6), IBMA is often compared to the "chamber of commerce" for our music.  We do not define the music we represent - our members do collectively through their music, events, recordings, publications and other work with one another.

Traditionally, trade organizations are founded to build business-to-business connections and IBMA is at the forefront of opening doors for our music with:

  • Broadcast Outlets (radio/TV/web)
  • Retail Outlets
  • Event Producers
  • Journalists & Other Media

These outlets continue to be critical to exposing music to audiences, and with the explosion of the internet and social networking, IBMA is also developing new means to connect directly with fans and consumers.

In bluegrass the boundaries are almost non-existent between those who create and perform music, the audience and fans, and those with a business interest.  We're one community! 

Please explore other areas of our website to learn more about IBMA's efforts, services and the work we do together.

Your membership with IBMA also shows support for these important entities, each of which IBMA helped found and makes periodic contributions to.  Our members are also regularly involved in leading them.

The Bluegrass Trust Fund

The financial fund for individuals and their immediate families within the bluegrass community in times of emergency need.  Primarily funded through the sale of tickets and the generosity of artists who perform at Fan Fest, the Trust has dispersed hundreds of thousands to dozens of bluegrass professionals and their families since it was founded in the mid-1980's.

The Foundation for Bluegrass Music

A non-profit charitable organization has been created to serve as an "umbrella" under which funds can be placed and disbursed to specifically support educational, literary and artistic activities of  public benefit - like Bluegrass In The Schools.  All gifts are tax deductible as a charitable donation.  The Foundation uses its resources for programs like "Bluegrass in Schools" and also makes financial grants available to projects of public benefit involving bluegrass  Learn more at www.bluegrassfoundation.org.

The International Bluegrass Music Museum

The non-proft institution (located in Owensboro, Kentucky) devoted to preserving the history of our music and honoring our pioneers, it houses IBMA's Hall of Fame and works year-round on programs and events that educate as well as entertain.  Learn more at www.bluegrass-museum.org