IBMA Leadership

IBMA's leadership is made up of a very diverse and talented group of individuals working in the bluegrass music industry. To contact a board member via email, click his or her name.  To send  suggestions to a particular committee, send an email to

Board of Directors


Joe Mullins
Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers


Ben Surratt
The Rec Room

Regina Derzon
Regina Derzon
Bluegrass Music Associations
DC Bluegrass Union
Term: 2019

Denise Jarvinen
At Large
Boston Bluegrass Union
Term: 2018

Jeremy Darrow
Artists, Composers & Music Publishers
Front Country
Term: 2019

Kenny Smith
Artists, Composers & Music Publishers
Kenny and Amanda Smith
Term: 2020

Jamie Deering
Merchandisers and Luthiers
Deering Banjos
Term: 2019

Mike Drudge
Agents, Managers & Publicists
Class Act Entertainment
Term: 2018

Dan Boner
Print, Media & Education
ETSU/Becky Buller Band
Term: 2020

Mike Simpson
At Large
Term: 2019

Marian Leighton Levy
-Executive Committee
Recording, Distribution & Marketing
Rounder Records
Term: 2018

William Lewis
At Large
PineCone: Piedmont Council of Traditional Music
Term: 2018

Steve Martin
At Large
Steve Martin's Unreal Bluegrass
Term: 2018

Stephen Mougin
At Large
Dark Shadow Recording
Term: 2019

Wayne Taylor
Artists, Composers & Music Publishers
Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa
Term: 2018

Alan Tompkins
At Large
Bluegrass Heritage Foundation
Term: 2018

Silvio Ferretti
International Representative
Term: 2019

Claire Armbruster
Event Production
Planning Stages
Term: 2018

Bob Webster
Broadcast Media
Term: 2018


Photos by Darwin Davidson

Applications are being accepted through July 1, 2017 for the following board seats: Artist, Composers & Music Publishers (currently held by Becky Buller), Print Media and Education (currently held by John Goad), and Broadcast Media (currently held by Bob Webster). Download an application here.




Paul Schiminger
Executive Director

Eddie Huffman
Convention Services Director

Amy Beth Hale
Member Services Director

Kelly Kessler
Communications & Professional Development Director


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Board Committees

  • Executive Committee
  • Nominating Committee


Awards Committees

  • Awards Task Force
  • Awards Committee (Broadcast)
  • Awards Eligibility & Criteria Committee
  • Awards Show Oversight
  • Broadcast Award
  • Distinguished Achievement Award Committee
  • Event of the Year Award
  • Hall of Fame Nominating Committee
  • Liner Notes & Graphic Design Award Committee
  • Momentum Award Committee
  • Print Media Award
  • Songwriter of the Year Committee

General Committees