IBMA Leadership

IBMA's leadership is made up of a very diverse and talented group of individuals working in the bluegrass music industry. To contact a board member via email, click his or her name.  To send  suggestions to a particular committee, send an email to

Board of Directors


Joe Mullins
Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers


Ben Surratt
The Rec Room

Regina Derzon
Regina Derzon
Bluegrass Music Associations
DC Bluegrass Union
Term: 2019

Denise Jarvinen
Boston Bluegrass Union
Term: 2018

Jeremy Darrow
Artists, Composers & Music Publishers
Front Country
Term: 2019

Becky Buller
Artists, Composers & Music Publishers
The Becky Buller Band
Term: 2017

Jamie Deering
Merchandisers and Luthiers
Deering Banjos
Term: 2019

Mike Drudge
Agents, Managers & Publicists
Class Act Entertainment
Term: 2018

John Goad
Print, Media & Education
Bluegrass Today/ETSU
Term: 2017

Mike Simpson
At Large
Term: 2019

Marian Leighton Levy
Recording, Distribution & Marketing
Rounder Records
Term: 2018

William Lewis
At Large
PineCone: Piedmont Council of Traditional Music
Term: 2018

Steve Martin
At Large
Steve Martin's Unreal Bluegrass
Term: 2018

Stephen Mougin
At Large
Dark Shadow Recording
Term: 2019

Wayne Taylor
Artists, Composers & Music Publishers
Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa
Term: 2018

Alan Tompkins
At Large - Executive Committee
Bluegrass Heritage Foundation
Term: 2018

Silvio Ferretti
International Representative
Term: 2019

Bree Tucker-Myers
Event Production
DVT Marketing
Term: 2018

Bob Webster
Broadcast Media
Term: 2018


Photos by Darwin Davidson



Paul Schiminger
Executive Director

Eddie Huffman
Convention Services Director

Amy Beth Hale
Member Services Director

Kelly Kessler
Commmunications & Professional Development Director


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Board Committees

  • Executive Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee


Awards Committees

  • Awards Task Force
  • Awards Committee (Broadcast)
  • Awards Eligibility & Criteria Committee
  • Awards Show Oversight
  • Broadcast Award
  • Distinguished Achievement Award Committee
  • Event of the Year Award
  • Hall of Fame Nominating Committee
  • Liner Notes & Graphic Design Award Committee
  • Momentum Award Committee
  • Print Media Award
  • Songwriter of the Year Committee

General Committees