Professional Membership Organizations or individuals whose activity and/or career in the industry serves to further its reach to new people and heighten the appreciation for bluegrass qualify for professional membership in the IBMA.  This includes artists (current or in the past), festivals, and also positions that are strictly volunteer, such as leaders of a regional bluegrass association or a broadcaster donating his/her time at their local station to do a radio show.

1. Individual
Annual Dues – $75 (2yrs. – $138, 3yrs. – $196)
Lifetime Individual Membership – $1000
For individuals who need full personal access to benefits and membership privileges.

2. Organizational
Annual Dues – $205  (2yrs. – $377, 3yrs. – $535)
Lifetime Organizational Membership – $2500
For associations, bands, companies and other groups who need full access to benefits. Up to 3 people are listed on the membership and will receive the communications and voting privileges. Additional voting members may be added to the membership at a rate of $65/year per individual. Contact Amy Beth Hale about adding additional members.

3. College Student
Annual Dues – $25
College student memberships are for individuals ages 18-22.  Students enrolled in one of the recognized college bluegrass and music business programs will receive their first year of membership FREE.  Students must enroll with an “@edu” email address at time of registration.  (Free membership must be set up manually, so call or email Amy Beth Hale). Full member benefits are included in college student memberships.  Applications will be reviewed for eligibility.

4. Youth Ambassador
Annual Dues – FREE
Youth memberships are for individuals who will celebrate their 17th birthday in their membership year, or younger. Please note: Youth Ambassadors are not eligible to vote or IBMA World of Bluegrass discounts.

Fan Membership (Formerly Grass Roots)
Annual Dues – $40
The Fan level is for bluegrass fans or active amateur promoters of the music and is an essential part of supporting the bluegrass community. This is member level is not eligible to vote.

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