Information Services & Networking

The IBMA maintains a number of databases and resources useful in helping you connect and promote what you are doing!

Data is maintained and edited continually as new information is obtained, with audits performed every 16-24 months for the integrity of the listing (the IBMA appreciates and needs member updates to help keep information current). Lists are delivered via email in Microsoft Excel format. Data can also be customized, filtered, and organized to fit your needs.

IBMA Member Directory

Includes only members that have given permission to share their information. Approx. 1800 contacts. If you have a special offer or message that is particular to actual dues paying members of IBMA, this would be your target list.

Bluegrass ‚ÄčArtist List

Includes over 1000 bluegrass artists and groups. If you are looking for artists to play your event or looking to reach out to local pickers in your community, this list may have what you are looking for.

Event Producers List

Lists promoters that book bluegrass talent for festivals and venues.

Radio List

Contains over 400 stations that program bluegrass. Additions to this list are separate files for the reporting stations for Bluegrass Unlimited & Bluegrass Music Profiles and also a separate listing of syndicated programs.

Press List

Contains media outlets and contacts within the music industry or that have regular music features. Includes contacts for on-line and/or print magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and blogs.

Bluegrass Associations List

Includes contact info for more than 200 active bluegrass and bluegrass-related organizations who are hosting regional events, shows and gatherings! Most bluegrass associations have an active regional membership and are the best resource to help promote shows in the area, advertise to thier members or find bluegrass friends in your community.

Record Companies List

A roster of record lables active in producing/issuing bluegrass, old time, and traditional recordings.

For more information, contact Amy Beth Hale, 1-888-438-4262