As an IBMA member, you join a diverse array of colleagues with something in common...  We're very passionate about our music!  Our members - professional musicians, business people, part time players and fans - live all over the globe but we're very much a "community" with a core belief that we can accomplish more by working together.  Since 1985, we have built an impressive framework of member benefits and resources and, collectively, our efforts make sure that bluegrass music is successful and gaining recognition. We invite everyone with an interest to get involved!

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Featured Benefit: IBMA Sound Healthcare

Sound Healthcare & Financial offers a line-up of best-in-class health care plans and financial planning products, education and resources, and the assurance that we will always exceed the expectations of those we serve.


Membership Levels

The IBMA offerers a variety of membership levels (for professionals, semi-professionals, youth, and fans), enabling everyone to get involved in building a strong future for bluegrass music!

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Member Incentives

The IBMA is the trade organization working for the future of bluegrass music, advocating for the genre and providing quality tools and platforms that enable bluegrass professionals to build successful businesses.  As such, the IBMA has put together a diverse portfolio of member benefits, including networking opportunities, access to industry information, discounts, and more!

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