About Leadership Bluegrass

This IBMA program brings a cross-section of people with leadership qualities into a network. There they develop a broad understanding of the total needs of the bluegrass community. Participants find they are better prepared to realize the goals of the particular organization in which they choose to serve.

Leadership Bluegrass seeks to explore bluegrass music and its place in the larger world of entertainment through:

  • Systematic study of the business of bluegrass, and the needs, problems and resources of its institutions and organizations.
  • Exposure to a wide variety of current music leaders and notable persons.
  • Encouragement of independent thinking, fresh perspectives and approaches.
  • Acquaintance with relevant issues facing bluegrass and the IBMA, from their history to future possibilities.
  • Involvement of all related facets of the music industry which impact bluegrass.
  • Substantive interactive sessions for the participants.

The IBMA and Leadership Bluegrass gratefully acknowledge our Platinum Sponsors BMI, Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, Williams Mullen and Wintergrass/Acoustic Sound.


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