Eligibility/Reference List

Eligibility: To qualify for awards consideration, albums must have been released during the eligibility period [April 1 of the previous year through March 31 of the current year]. Songs must have been released OR shown significant chart action during the eligibility period.



Reference List Tips

  1. Use the button below to download your copy of this year’s Reference List.
  2. The list is in an Excel spreadsheet for your convenience. This enables you to sort the list by any of the column headings (artist, album title, etc.)
  3. There are two worksheets in this spreadsheet: Submissions and How It Works. You can toggle between the two using the tabs on the bottom left of the spreadsheet.

DOWNLOAD 2018 Reference List

The Reference List is a voting aid for IBMA members, generated by our members and bluegrass fans via an automated form. The Reference List is made available to all voting members in time for the first ballot.

The Reference List is NOT A BALLOT or official publication of the IBMA. The contents have not been vetted by IBMA staff nor changed in any way. We offer this crowd-sourced reference list as a courtesy to our voting members.

Artists and projects need not appear on the Reference List to be considered for the first ballot. IBMA voting members may write in any eligible artists and projects they choose.

IBMA’s Selection Process clarifies the steps involved in voting for the IBMA Awards.

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