The founders of IBMA knew from the start they wanted a safety net for bluegrass professionals. They had seen too many colleagues devastated by acts of nature, medical emergencies, and other grave setbacks. They created the Bluegrass Trust Fund. Then they launched Fan Fest (now known as Wide Open Bluegrass) to raise money for the Trust Fund.

Who Does the Trust Fund Help?

The Bluegrass Trust Fund helps all bluegrass professionals. You do not have to be a member of the IBMA to receive aid from the Bluegrass Trust Fund.

The Trust Fund respects the anonymity of those who have received support. It does not share the names of recipients. However, some members of our community have gone public with their stories to build awareness of this essential service.

You can read some of those accounts using the links below. To realize the impact of the Trust Fund, bear in mind that these are a just a handful of the hundreds of our community members the Bluegrass Trust Fund has aided:

Phil Leadbetter in Bluegrass Today

Ashby Frank in Bluegrass Today

Phil Leadbetter and James King in September 2016 IB

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