January Member News: The Handsome Ladies Are On the Move

January Member News: The Handsome Ladies Are On the Move


The Handsome Ladies are on a mission: forging a close-knit community whose purpose is to support, promote and encourage ladies in the world of bluegrass. Growing out of a bluegrass jam in the Bay Area, the Handsome Ladies became a full-fledged 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in March of 2016 with, as co-founder Yennie Dee Brecheisen says, “big dreams and an ever-gaining base of participants and followers”.


When two founding board members moved from the Bay Area, the organization was prompted to create a chapter expansion process. Under the guidance of Handsome Ladies Ambassadors working closely with a partner on the board of directors, these new chapters bring their mission, vision, and values (and, constructively, jam etiquette) to a new set of women pickers.


With chapters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville, Portland, and Seattle, the Handsome Ladies are growing quickly, expanding their programs to better serve each community. This includes hosting monthly jams and workshops in each of their chapter cities, managing a thriving Facebook group with hundreds of followers, actively participating in local bluegrass festivals, radio shows, music camps, and partnering with other bluegrass nonprofits. [Editor's note: This includes their membership and participation in IBMA.] Two founding board members are currently on the California Bluegrass Association's Board.


There are no dues to become a member of The Handsome Ladies, as the organization runs on annual commitments from the board of directors and on donations from individuals who believe in their mission. Adds Brecheisen, "As we start the new year with a few fresh board members, we look forward to creating new ways for women to grow musically within the greater bluegrass community in new cities. We hope to make new friends at World of Bluegrass in September, so if you see us in the Expo Hall, come say howdy!"

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