Organizational Structure


IBMA is a member led trade organization and all current dues paying members have rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the organization. Among those are the voice in determining who shall lead the organization by voting for board representatives and volunteering to serve IBMA. There are two primary types of membership which may have categories within those types:

  • Professional Members (Voting Members)
  • Grass Roots Club Members (Non-Voting) 

Board Of Directors

Elected or appointed from the active professional membership of IBMA, the board serves as a policy making body that meets at least twice each year to consider proposals and projects to carry out the organization's mission. The board is also responsible for appointing officers of the organization and has the authority to delegate work to staff and committees. Board members may also serve and/or be a liaison to committees. Board members are volunteers and bear the full expense of attending meetings and IBMA functions.


The administrative arm of IBMA is employed and serves at the will of the board. The staff manages the day-to-day operations (e.g. financial management, organizing events, publications) and serves as a liaison to most functioning committees. IBMA staff are the only paid working individuals within the organizational structure.

Working Committees/Task Forces

Committees and task forces are organized for specific purposes to assure that various affairs of IBMA are led by volunteer members involved in making recommendations to the board, officers and staff. Many times, the committee or task force has been delegated a specific task or it may have an ongoing mission created by the board. Most have a board and/or staff liaison that assists with many of the needs required to achieve their purpose. Some examples of committees:

  • Executive
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Talent
  • Awards
  • Leadership Bluegrass program & alumni
  • Trust Fund
  • Education
  • Songwriting 


For more information about IBMA's organizational structure, membership and how to get actively involved, contact the IBMA.