IBMA Awards Reference List

Due to confusion about the nature of the reference list
in its role with first round ballots, 2017 first round voting
has been rescheduled to run between April 18
through April 28 at 5 pm. (Central Time Zone)


2017 International Bluegrass Music Awards Reference List​*

*All recordings are listed in alphabetical order by artist or group name. This list only includes projects - albums and singles - submitted by members, artists, labels, agents and the general public. It is not vetted or cross-checked. It is not intended to be comprehensive. It is not an official IBMA document.

Each year in the spring, the first round write-in ballot for the IBMA Awards goes out to our voting members.  In preparation for that vote, we invite everyone during the submission period to contribute to a reference list of eligible recorded products. We then make this list available to our professional members solely for  informational purposes as they vote on the first round write-in ballot.


PLEASE NOTE: On April 14, 2017, Awards Ballots were sent to all professional members along with a link to a Reference List that included information submitted solely by members for consideration in voting, as we have done in past years. Members were free to nominate any project or person on or not on this list. Please note, the IBMA staff did not enter or exclude ANY information submitted to the list.

This year we also included an opportunity to submit names of artists for consideration. This was in response to members wanting voters to consider a broad list of names in each category. Unfortunately, some voters were confused by this change and became concerned when they did not see the names of people they wanted to nominate. While our efforts were meant to be more inclusive, we failed to anticipate the confusion caused by what could not possibly be a comprehensive list given the number of artists who can be considered.

Therefore, we have sent another letter to every professional member stating we discontinued the initial balloting, and scheduled a brand new ballot for Tuesday, April 18. This first round of voting will be open April 18 through May 1. The Reference List will only include recorded projects as in previous years. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Bluegrass Recordings, Reported as Released between April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017

This list is solely for the informational needs of IBMA members when nominating recorded product for any of the related awards in the first round of balloting. This list does not necessarily contain 100% of the bluegrass recordings first released during the eligibility period, so members are not restricted to the entries on this list when making their first ballot write-in nominations. Albums re-issued and/or special compilations of previously released material are not listed here, but may contain individual songs eligible for certain awards.

To qualify for awards consideration, albums and songs must have been released during the eligibility period. “Release” shall be defined as the date any portion of the general public, anywhere in the world, could first acquire (through sale or for free), listen to and hold ownership of their copy of the recorded album project or song under consideration in any format or through any method of distribution. Promotional copies sent to entertainment industry or media entities to foster awareness prior to public release shall not be considered in determining the date of release. At least 50% of the songs on an album must be new recordings first released during the eligibility period to be eligible. Read full Awards criteria information

Information provided in this reference list has not been confirmed as eligible. If a member believes an album or song under consideration may not fit within the award’s eligibility requirements, they should contact IBMA at (615) 256-3222 or

IBMA reserves the sole and exclusive right to make eligibility determinations and may require additional information from candidates and/or their representatives in order to make such determinations.