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Becky Buller


  • Recorded Event of the Year

    • “Southern Flavor” (2015)

      Becky Buller, with Peter Rowan, Michael Feagan, Buddy Spicher, Ernie Sykes, Roland White and Blake Williams (artists), Stephen Mougin (producer) Dark Shadow Recording

    • Back to the Well (2006)

      The Daughters of Bluegrass featuring: Lorraine Jordan, Gena Britt, Julie Elkins, Becky Buller, Vickie Simmons, Frances Mooney, Mindy Rakestraw, Jeanette Williams, Beth Lawrence, Angela Oudean, Michelle Nixon, Donica Christensen, Dale Ann Bradley, Heather Berry, Megan McCormick, Valerie Smith, Louisa Branscomb & Dixie Hall; produced by Lorraine Jordan & Dale Perry, Blue Circle Records (label)

  • Instrumental Performers of the Year

    • Becky Buller (2016)

  • Fiddle

    • Becky Buller (2016)

  • Female Vocalist of the Year

    • Becky Buller (2016)

  • Emerging Artist of the Year

    • Becky Buller (2015)

  • Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year

    • Becky Buller (2015)

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