Minutes, IBMA Board of Directors Meeting, November 2014


November 19, 2014


Members Present

Alan Bartram, Becky Buller, Danny Clark, Jamie Deering, Regina Derzon, Henri Deschamps, John Goad, William Lewis, Joe Mullins, Stephen Mougin, Brian Smith, Ben Surratt, Tim Surrett, Angelika Torrie, Jon Weisberger, Elizabeth Wightman.  All members were present on the teleconference call.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Board Chair, Jon Weisberger.

It was immediately MOVED (Ben) and SECONDED (Becky) to enter into Executive Session to discuss organizational matters.  VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.  The board entered into Executive Session with a reminder by Board Secretary Regina Derzon about the sanctity of Executive Session.  She reminded board members that any and all discussions held in Executive Session are to remain private. 

It was MOVED (Ben) and SECONDED (Elizabeth) to ratify the action taken by the board via electronic voting in which the minutes of the September 29-30, 2014 Board Meeting be approved.  VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.

It was MOVED (Joe) and SECONDED (Tim) to ratify the action taken by the board via electronic voting in which Wayne Rice and Doyle Lawson were reappointed to a three (3) year term on the IBMA Bluegrass Trust Fund board of directors.  VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.  Nancy will be directed by the Chair to notify the Trust Fund board.

It was MOVED (Henri) and SECONDED (Brian) that we now proceed to a formal and official board discussion about the leadership, governance and credibility lost by The Chair, Co-Chair at the time, the EC and Board, as a result of the conflict between the chair and former vice-chair, the resignations and the disruptions; in the office, the membership, the board and in relation to our partners in Raleigh, the disruption to board business which has now been going on for weeks non-stop, with ever increasing escalation and culminating in a crisis, the impasses and dead ends created since, the inability to discuss and dispatch critical matters in an open, above board, simple, timely, and constructive manner, the perception by numerous members that we are stonewalling, and what needs to be done at this time: our decisions, resolutions, and path forward. Henri requested this proposal be entered into the official minutes verbatim.

It was MOVED (Ben) and SECONDED (Jamie) to table the motion for discussion later in the meeting to deal with the action items on the agenda.  VOTE: Yes 11; No 4; 1 Abstention (Stephen).  The motion was tabled until later in the meeting.

Ben (Nominating Committee chair) reported on the results of the committee – 3 strong candidates –– board discussed – VOTE:  Via email ballot to two separate board members, Leah Ross was elected by the board to fill the vacant Event Producers.  (Per IBMA Bylaws, Article III, Section 5:  “if a vacancy occurs within one year before a regularly scheduled board election, the board of directors may fill the vacancy by a temporary appointment to serve until the election.”)

Jon presented the names of the current board members who are eligible to serve as Vice Chair.  The board put forth 3 names for consideration (Elizabeth, Tim and Brian).  VOTE:  Via email ballot to two separate board members Tim Surrett was elected Vice Chair to serve until the September/October 2015 board meeting.

The motion made earlier by Henri was brought back to the board for discussion.  Discussion ensued.  Given that the nature of the motion was to rearrange the agenda to hold the discussion of this topic sooner in the meeting, it was rendered moot.

It was MOVED (Henri) and SECONDED (Brian) that we now proceed to a formal and official board vote. The chair has offered his resignation three times in the last few weeks and the board needs to resolve that matter by accepting his offer to resign, or by reaffirming its vote of confidence.  The motion further proposes two options. Option 1) Members ask the Chair to stay in place and reaffirms its confidence in the chair, Option 2) Members prefer a change in leadership. It was requested the proposal be entered into the official minutes verbatim and VOTE:  11 for Option 1 and 5 for Option 2.  The following board members requested their vote be entered into the minutes:  Alan(Option 1), Becky(Option 1), Joe(Option 1), Tim(Option 1), Jon(Option 1), Elizabeth(Option 2), Danny(Option 1), Ben(Option1).

It was MOVED (Ben) and SECONDED (John G) that the meeting be adjourned.  VOTE:  Passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:04 p.m. Central time. 

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Warner Derzon